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How to Exponentially Increase Your Sales in 4 Easy Steps
When you're in the world of business, it's only instinctive to dream of skyrocketing sales, continuous increasing numbers of customers, and the expanding of branches if you have a brick-and-mortar business.

But sometimes, things just don't go our way.

Whether it's the off-season, a great decline in demand for the product/service that you are offering, a national economic slump, or plain, bad business management--all these things can contribute to low sales. When left without an immediate solution, it can ultimately put your business at risk! And with only 25% of the businesses being able to make it up to more than 15 years (according to Small Business Association), you don't want to be in the other 75% percent that will belong in the graveyard of fail businesses.

Whatever it is the reason why your sales are going downhill, I'm here to give you the tips on how you can exponentially increase your sales in 4 easy steps!
Specify your goals
So you have a business, of course, you have a goal but you need to be more specific than just wanting to expand to a new branch outside the city by next year. According to a piece written by Mackenzie Kassab for Harvard University, "Vague goals are elusive goals...wanting to be 'more successful' is reasonable but it's a futile goal. The definition of successful is broad. It's difficult to measure. Without specifics, it's unclear whether the goal is even attainable," so you need to be more specific. For example, think about the steps that should lead you to be able to expand to a new branchin the following year:
  • RIncrease sales for up to 30-50%
  •  Market to more customers and a variety of demographics
  •  Increase brand awareness
  •  Attend 5 trade expos this year
  •  Add 3 new products/services
  •  Release a promo every 6 weeks
That was just an example but it should give you an idea that specifying your goals can make it easier for you to take the crucial steps that can help improve your sales. Not only that, but it can also help motivate you to do better.

Having only a vague idea of what you should work on can result in discouragement and demotivation over time. So here's the formula for that:
Imagine the goal that you want to attain + enumerate the steps that can help take you there = SUCCESS
This, in itself, should give you that kick to start working on your goals right away.
Offer solutions to your clients by selling them what they need
If there's one thing that people will patronize, despite the price, it is a necessity. Aside from the physiological basics that are comprised of food, water, shelter, and clothing, you don't really need that daily yoga session after your work and yet you feel as if you need to do it.

So why?

It is because, for the yogis, it offers them serenity and relaxation after a stressful day. It also gives them inner peace out of meditation, controlled breathing, and proper posture. Somehow, it becomes a necessity, a necessary part of their day-to-day life to keep them going.
Another example of this approach is the industry of business coaches or life coaches. Losing the sight of your long-term goals is a normal part of life's journey, a lot of other people go through it and they overcome and you can also go through it no matter how difficult you think life is at the moment.

By hiring a life or business coach, you will be able to go through each one of your problems with a mentor guiding you to make the right decisions towards the path that you should take into becoming the person that you should be.
For you to ensure that your sales continue to increase exponentially, you need to offer solutions to your target market's common problems and sell it as your own products/services. This will put you on top of their priority list rather than being the last one on the row.

Your goal is to:
  • Impose that your products/services are a necessity to make your clienteles lives even better--to make them more comfortable
  •  Offer them the utmost convenience
This will then ensure you won't be regarded as a mere option.
Under promise but always over-deliver
When it comes to marketing your business, it's normal to become overwhelmed yourself and over-promise your customers to persuade them to buy your products/services. However, this puts you at the risk of under-delivering and disappointing your clients--further straining their trust in you. If this does happen, you may be losing more clients than gaining potential ones.

So what should you do?

Learn to under promise but over deliver.

There's nothing wrong with under promising to a client about what the products/services you offer and the satisfaction you can deliver. It's definitely better than overpromising and under delivering.

By under promising, we don't mean you give them the least marketable options and least convincing selling points. It just means you have to be humble and realistic about what you can offer to them and how it can benefit them.

And when it comes to delivering, you have to give your very best in all ways from the product/service itself, packaging, delivery, additional value, and promotional discounts you can give them for the current or even the next purchase.

A little will always go a long way and there are many ways in which you can show to them just how much you value their time and resources by overdelivering in these simple steps:
  •  Delivering the package a day earlier than the expected date of arrival - finishing an auto service an hour before the supposed schedule can help relieve your clients off the stress they are already experiencing. Plus, it says so much about the speed of your operational process--a definite advantage for you!
  •  Add personalized notes to your packages - A simple thank you note with the name of the customer means you value every single one of them
  •  Add a small gift to every product or service - a good rule of thumb is that the gift 8mshould be something they can use in their day-to-day life. A small token of appreciation such as a microfiber cloth, keychain, scented candles, gift certificate, and a restaurant voucher can do so much more than just pleasing your customers. You can also take this opportunity to advertise yourself by incorporating your brand’s logo on these items.
Under promising and over delivering isn't necessarily about you, it's about managing your client’s expectations and surprising them with thoughtfulness and attention to detail. It’s about impressing your clients effectively enough that it imparts on them so greatly that they would promise to themselves they would come back to you for another transaction.
Showcase your full potential by showing results
When marketing yourself online to attract leads that could potentially covert into sales, it doesn't mean you have to constantly boast about what you can do and stick only to that. There are lots of other ways to market yourself without having to sound desperate.

Desperation, by the way, reeks. convert

Your audience can smell it from a mile away and that can further drive them far from converting into actual sales. So what are your options?

Showcase your full potential to your customers on how you can drastically improve their day-to-day lives for the better by marketing your service and products while backing it up with results.

You can only market yourself so much about your business through words but showing tangible results can further convince your target market that you can live up to your promise and do so much more!

To get you started, here are some ideas in which you can show your results:
  •  Blog views
  •  Increased follower count
  •  Testimonials from previous clients
  •  Booked appointments
  •  Social media engagements
By showing the concrete numbers and testimonials of your previous clients about your business, not only is it going to establish the legitimacy of your business, but it can also build trust on your brand among your potential clients. It's the same principle as how we read reviews before visiting a restaurant for a formal dinner with our partners or friends--we don't like wasting our time or money and we just want to ensure the experience is going to be worth it.

What you can do at the moment is just build relationships with people, establish your credibility, always over deliver to impress clients, and then ask them for testimonies you can use to show results in order to attract potential clients.
It may be challenging at first but with persistence and consistency, you will be on your way to improve your sales and finally achieve the goals you have been wanting to tick off of your To-Do list!

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