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4 Secrets in Creating a Killer Blog
Creating content for your blog is essential in communicating with your audience in order to fully relay your area of interest, talk about the latest trends, reveal new updates on your product and services, announce new promo packages that your customers might want—basically anything under the sun that will entice your audience or encourage them to learn something new.

Content creation definitely plays a significant role in marketing one's own business, and producing blog content is just one of the ways of doing that.

Blogs can be entertaining for the readers because it can incorporate multiple media that can make it easier for the readers to digest and in a way, it's also an opportunity for you to subtly promote your own products and services without being too in-your-face.

So should you create a blog? YES.

What kind? A KILLER BLOG

How? That's where we will start going down to business.

1. Create eye-catching headlines
Your headline is the first thing your current audience will first see. By the first glance, a headline has the ability to say to its readers whether it is worth reading or not and your readers should already be able to figure out:
  • What the content is all about
  • What will they learn from each blog posts
  • If it is worth their time
  •  Leave them wanting to read more than just the headline so they go and click the link which will lead to your website
For those who have had an ample experience in content creation, headline writing may just be the easiest task to do, but what about those who don't? Well, here's a quick guide on what kind of approach usually attracts most readers:
  • A sense of urgency (E.g. Simple Diet Tricks You Should Start Now!)
Using urgent words such as now, immediately, fast, limited, and exclusive insinuates a sense of urgency that implies if the reader doesn't read the article, he/she may be missing out on such a good read or deal.
  •  Numbered lists (E.g.10 Ways to Increase Your Sales in 5 Days)
Numbering the benefits, points, or subtopics can imply to the reader that whatever the content is must be easy to achieve, and this ultimately encourages them to read your blog posts.
  •  How-Tos 
Let's admit it, knowing a few shortcuts and pro tips are definitely what most people want. It makes your readers feel as if they've just skipped making mistakes and going straight ahead with learning a solution to their current dilemmas.
2. Incorporate compelling visual content
Pharmaceuticals companies, cosmetics, fashion brands, real estate, restaurants, hygiene products, and even universities all invest on producing visual content in order to market and advertise their products and services. This is mainly because visual imagery has a stronger retention on our brain compared to information that we only get to read or hear.

There's a science to it.

In fact, after people hear a certain information, give it three days later and they will only remember 10% of the information. Whereas if a relevant image is associated with it, they will be able to remember 65% of the information—that difference in number is significant if you really want to make a mark on your audience and remember you for days after.

You need to remember that your content does not only feature information that your audience might need, but that it is also visually entertaining.
3. Feature hard facts
Including hard facts in your blog solidifies you as a reliable source of information as it shows how you research well about the topics that you choose to elaborate on. It's quite easy to create and formulate an entertaining content, but featuring hard facts to go along with it will definitely take it to another level.

However, don't just go on and copy quotes from the Internet said by famous people in the industry or slap on phrases with hyperlinks that lead to its sources, you also have to keep it entertaining. Like I said earlier, incorporating compelling visual content is key. So provide some infographics that will make it easier for your readers to digest the real statistics and facts.
4. Add a personal touch
When it comes to blogging, it should be similar to maintaining a YouTube channel,
you must:
  • Feature projects, activities, and hobbies that you are passionate about
  • Develop your own style of editing
  • Incorporate different elements to your videos in order to make it more interesting
  •  And show everyone what makes your channel unique among the others by adding your personal touch—your own true character
This is what makes people subscribe to a channel or blog. One's own uniqueness which can be emulated through the way you choose your color palette, your own branding, they way you write your content—it all contributes a lot to making your audience remember you more.

Don't sound like a robot who just spits out information based on an algorithm. Scratch the algorithm and make your own in order to build your own identity.

When your audience reads your content, they can actually "hear" your voice, and this is your own opportunity to establish this perception that you are indeed an interesting person to subscribe to.

Just stay true to your character, and you'll be good.


Creating a killer blog will take a lot of planning, and gathering a solid audience will take 
some time to accumulate. But as long as you follow the helpful tips above and remain
consistent with your posting schedule, people will keep on wanting more content from you—
and that's when you know you have made it.

Your information is safe with us.
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