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4 Mistakes You Might Be Making Online
As aspiring entrepreneurs or current business owners, utilizing the Internet has become very important when it comes to communicating well with your audience and using it as a platform to advertise and market your business effectively, and sometimes, even without spending a single dollar.

For this very reason, it's quite easy to take it for granted and I wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself in the same situation as well. If anything, we all learn from our mistakes anyway but if this keeps on happening all over again, you may just keep on missing out on great opportunities to fully materialize your vision by using the Internet.

And to escape that, here's exactly how you can avoid it by recognizing the 4 most common mistakes you might be making online:
1. Wasting money on ads
Like I said earlier, it's quite easy to market yourself online—it's just that it will require more of your time and effort to actually garner more leads and make sure they convert into paying clients or customers. So to make it simple, you might resort to boosting your content on Facebook through paid ads. There's nothing wrong with it actually, it just matters based on your execution. 
  •  Wrong content
As of 2016, 74% of people admit that they use Facebook for potentially interesting content. If you're promoting the wrong content such as a simple Facebook post without any information on your latest promo for your products or services then what's the point of paying an ad for it? Instead of taking this opportunity for the ad to become a form of investment, it warps into a liability instead. You might as well save your money and spend it on something else.
  •  Lousy copy
When it comes to creating a solid business, being able to provide great communication with what you can offer to your clients or customers is one of the keys to creating an effective brand awareness. So if you're promoting an ad accompanied by a lousy copy, then you might as well just not push through with it and if you will, might as well hire a copywriter to help you with relaying the right message. With this, you will have more chances of spending your money in the right places.  
2. Not interacting with your audience
The Internet and the rise of social media for the past 10 years has definitely helped brands and businesses become more connected with their target market and potential clients. With social media and video viewing becoming the two of the most popular online activities according to Smart Insights, it has even come to the point wherein failure of a brand to connect with their audience has been considered as a sin because it will lead to the question of, "Why couldn't you?" With the easy accessibility of remaining connected these days, indeed—why couldn't you? .

The comments section is a place wherein your audience has the opportunity to voice out their opinion and tell their suggestions. This is also a place wherein you can address their concerns and further know how else you can serve them better.

The more you make an effort to hear them out through communication and online presence, the better your chances are for nurturing your relationship with your customers and ensuring customer retention, 

3. Consistently being inconsistent
When it comes to cementing your band awareness, your constant presence is key. You need to always be in your audience's mind in a way that is not borderline irritating and too in-your-face.

No one wants that.

Instead, learn to stick to a certain schedule of posting or better yet, establish an editorial calendar so you can keep track of your postings and recognize wherein there may be lack of it.

Once you start posting, you have to keep it going. Post one blog for every two weeks and your customers might start to forget you. Stop posting on Facebook for a month and you might be just out of your audience's radar.

Post at least one thing every day and make sure it varies. Whether it's a photo, a status, an announcement, a short video clip or a simple reminder—anything will do as long as you remain consistent
4. Being unable to provide a Call-to-Action
"Read more", "Click here", Add to Cart", "Buy now!", or "Sign up for a Free Trial"—you might have seen this almost everywhere and at least a couple of times a day as you scroll through social media. You may just skim past it but those few words at the end of every social media or web copy are very effective in helping a business achieve its ultimate goal.

Those words are called Call to Actions(CTA). 

A call to action is meant to encourage an action to patronize or subscribe to your business, it may even encourage a reader to buy your product or services. You will often see this accompanied by a button, a sign-up form, or an external link that leads to a different window.

By putting a Call to Action, you are enabling a higher conversion rate that turns curious readers to actual buyers that will help you gather subscribers or rake in profit for your business. In fact, emails with CTAs have the percentage of increased clicks up to 371% and sales up to 1617% compared to emails that don’t. Simply having an effective copy isn't just enough, you need to entice a call to action.
Just as in ensuring profit for brick-and-mortar business by strategizing how you can lead sales, the same should be done for your business online. Just because the Internet makes it easier, doesn't mean you have to cut off on your efforts. With the digital marketing taking over businesses nowadays and the competition increasing, you have to keep up with the industry utilizing technology. Lest you'll be left behind.

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