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3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Sucks
Marketing is one of the most important aspects in one's own business and often times, it becomes forgotten. Sometimes, mistakes can even be done and it can train the supposedly potential big business boom which can propel you higher towards your goal. If you find yourself having a hard time making your clients and customers to look at your products and services, to know more about the background of your business, to sit down with you and negotiate, and to seal the deal--then you really may be getting lazy in the marketing aspect. So why don't we begin talking about 4 reasons why your marketing strategy sucks, shall we?
You forgot to focus on your customer's needs
Having that great business branding isn't just enough to get you by in business, you really need to get into the heart of what is business is all about--selling what your target market wants and needs. If you forgot to focus on your target market's needs, then there is no point to it at all since they will end up becoming dissatisfied with your products and services, plus, this bad experience can further affect your reputation to the other potential customers when the opinion based on experience spreads through word-of-mouth.

In fact, 65% of buyers think that positive experience from a brand is more influential to their decision in purchasing compared to the power of advertising or marketing. So the next time you think of pooling a wad of cash for your marketing strategy, make sure you are looking in depth of satisfying your customers' needs then you will surely be closer to your goal.
Numbering the benefits, points, or subtopics can imply to the reader that whatever the content is must be easy to achieve, and this ultimately encourages them to read your blog posts.
You're not up to date on the latest methods of advertising and marketing
The difference between a now-defunct or failing business versus a business that has roots from decades of operation and it is still thriving is the essence of ADAPTABILITY. Even in the essence of evolution, it is all about the survival of the fittest, and in the business industry, you have to constantly improve your tactics in order to serve your customers better and prevent your competitors from completely obliterating you.

These days, companies and SMEs are formulating their own twist in advertising and marketing in order to make themselves distinct from their competitors but here are 8 modern advertising methods you should try to improve your business:
  •  Pixel Advertising
  •  Testimonial and Endorsements
  •  Promotional Advertising
  •  Blog Advertising
  •  Contextual Advertising
  •  Keyword Advertising
You're not visible enough to your market
In this modern age, SMEs need the aid of technology in order to propel themselves into the market and gain visibility. Before social media and prominent internet usage, marketing and advertising were more manual and practical. Posters and flyers were the most common form of simple advertisement, shelf distribution on supermarkets and department stores, on the other hand, have always been a well-trusted tactic, and word-of-mouth was always another reliable form of marketing.

But in this modern time wherein people are on their phones 24/7, being visible towards your clients and customers 24/7 and on every vital platform should be on your priority list. However, here 6 are ways in which you can both achieve more visibility towards your client through the old-fashioned and digital approach: 

  •  Get as much publicity as you can
  •  Set up a referral program
  •  Partner with other businesses
  •  Have a strong presence on social media
  •  Invest your time and money on Search Engine Optimization
  •  Network with other people and businesses
A business' visibility doesn't just come with luck, you would have to invest your time and money into it even when the return of investment may look bleak--but it isn't.

The same goes for your marketing strategy, it needs certain tactics that are well-thought and as painful as it may sound, you do need to invest money in it. Over time, you will reap what you sow. And over time, will finally achieve the success that you deserve. 

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